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Get a Free Conversion Rate Optimisation Opportunity Analysis for Your Website

conversion rate optimisation leaky bucket analogy

If your website is like most most websites (which I suspect it is), then it is leaking money.

It is not converting as many visitors into customers as it should, and this is costing you money each time somebody leaves your website without taking action or buying anything.

How does your website compare to others?
If your website converts at less than 2%, don’t worry you are not alone.
According to the latest Fireclick Index results, Global conversion rates this week were 3.50% , same figure as last week.

conversion rates benchmark

What this means in reality is that for every 100 visitors who go to any website, less than 4 of them do what is expected of them, for example make a purchase.
That is sad, very sad indeed.

Any how 3.5% conversion rate is a global figure and is not nearly representative enough of what most websites , get in terms of conversions.
In fact 90% of websites I have analysed do worse than 3.5%.
Most websites  are stuck below 2% conversion rates.

It is not uncommon to see websites which get more than 50,000 visitors, per month but have conversions rates of less than 1%.

Imagine paying £10 to get a visitors to your website, and only between 3 to 4 of them bought from you.
That means for every £1,000 you spend, you only get 3.5 new customers – a cost per acquisition of  about £285 (not factoring in other marketing costs).
You are hardly going to be profitable at that rate.

All is not lost, I have great news for you, just read read on.

Free Conversion Optimisation Opportunity Analysis.

Great if you already have a lot of visitors coming to your website, but are not doing the things you want them to do.
If your website visitors are not buying, turning into leads, clients or customers, this FREE opportunity analysis will show you exactly what you can gain by optimising your website for conversions.

What is a conversion optimisation opportunity analysis?

It is a thorough analysis (deep dive ) of your website’s analytics data, to find out exactly what your websites’s conversion rate is, how your websites’ conversion rate can be improved and which areas of your sales funnel hold the biggest opportunities.

After this analysis you will be presented  with

  • Potential additional revenue,
  • Required investment, and
  • Return on investment (ROI)

of your conversion optimisation project.

What you get

At the end of the exercise, you will receive a 3 -5 page pdf document containing:

  • Analysis of your current situation and the available market opportunity for you.
  • What is possible with conversion optimisation for your particular situation, presented in the form of a table, showing projected revenue increase (or leads increase).
  • Which areas of your sales funnel hold the highest  opportunities
  • Tools required for your conversion optimisation project & costs
  • Next steps – the exact next steps you need to take, in order to get conversion optimisation project going.

The analysis will ultimately help you answer the question – is conversation rate optimisation worth my time, effort & resources.

How long does it take?

Once I have access to your Analytics data and your permission, this will take up to 48hrs for you to get the results.

Why you should care.

If you already know that your website is not performing as well as it should perform, then the obvious decision is to optimise the website to increase revenue.

What is better, before you start a conversion optimisation project, you know upfront:

  • what to expect,
  • what you should spend and
  • the expected return on your investment.

I can only do 4 of these free analysis a month, on a first come-first-served-basis, so apply now.

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