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How Google AdWords coupons can help you

  • Testing: A coupon can help if you want to test a new product or service by driving suitable amounts of traffic to ascertain whether the proposition is viable.
  • New Websites: If you have just set up a new website, this is your chance to instantly attract visitors before your pages can be found in organic search engine results.
  • Great Value: These Google AdWords coupons are 3 times the value of most others you will see floating around the Internet.

Setting up your new Google AdWords account

As I am sure you are already aware, setting up your Google AdWords account properly is essential if you are going to generate return on investment. If you aren’t sure how to go about it however, or just want a little help setting up, have no fear, simply get in touch and I’ll be on hand to give you advice and guidance.

Requesting your FREE £75 Google AdWords coupon couldn’t be easier, just complete the form below or alternatively, send me an email via pk [at], with the subject line “Google Adwords Coupon”

A few points to remember when requesting a coupon:

  • Coupons CAN ONLY be used for accounts with billing addresses in the UK
  • You will receive £75 credit after first spending £25
  • Your account must be new or less than 14 days old
  • ONLY USE a valid business email address; No Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc!

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